At the age of 14 I started playing the guitar at 16 I was mimicking John Lennon in a cover band in Europe,

Whilst obtaining my engineering qualifications in the late 70‘s,

Home Computers were science fiction back then.

Moving back to Australia in 1981 was a blessing, I quickly got involved in the recording and studio scene.

Then Computer and music met in 1982 I began arranging music on a Commodore 64, then the Atari now a Mac.

The advantage of being a musician/arranger/ engineer is simply put pure luck.

I love what I do, I have worked in many studios with:

Gary Beers (INXS),   Tod Hunter (Dragon),   Iva Davies (Icehouse),

Jimmy Barnes (Cold Chisel),  Greedy (Mentals),   David Moyce, Diesel,

Kyle Minogue,   David Atkins,   Richard Clapton,

and many more artists and recording studios in Australia were Avid/Digidesign, Steinberg & Apple computer recording systems can be found.

I love all genres of music, I play a Strat and a Lespaul live........

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